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Joy MusicArt

An Enrichment Music Programme

Joy MusicTot

(18 months - 35 months old)

The most intuitive musical skills are taught, like beat, rhythm and pitch with the primary aim to get the infant to enjoy musical patterns and the interaction with caregivers. The aim is to stimulate baby's vision, listening and sense of touch and expose the child to a wide variety of musical concepts to nurture and foster an interest in music.

Toddler Playing Drums
Children music.png

Joy MusicJunior

(3years old-4years old)

Fostering the appreciation of music, rhythm and self-expression by exploring how different instruments sound, and how music makes them feel. The aim is to enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination and to stretch the child's imagination. This develops self-confidence & self-expression.

Joy MusicKids

(5years old - 6 years old)

The emphasis is on increasing a child's brainpower through music by extending music into the realm of learning skills, thinking methods, recall, concentration and analysis. We aim to enhance the child's social emotional skills through group participation and introduce music vocabulary and develop musical literacy as preparation to formal instrumental studies.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
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